Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you get your data?

    We’ve built an Enhanced Multi-Sourced, National Data Warehouse that Contains Information on More Than 150+ Million U.S. Properties with 99% Population Coverage Including:

    • 116m+ Residential Property Records
    • 24m+ Vacant Land Records
    • 8m+ Commercial Property Records
    • 2m+ Other Property Class Records
  • How Current Is The Data, Especially For My Cash Buyers?

    Our enhanced Multi-Sourced, National Data Warehouse contains data from all 3600 counties. Each county data refresh varies, based upon their data and record update policies. Our system tries to best align with all data changes; however, it may be out by a few weeks. You would also experience this if you completed the process manually yourself.

    For cash buyers, we provide data based upon Cash Buyers multiple (not wholesale or quitclaim deals and a minimum of 2 properties purchased) purchasing behaviors over the last 24 months.
  • How Do You Verify The Address Is The Correct Owner?

    The system identifies the property from a multiple touch search and pulls the most recent owner record from the data. The same process as if you were doing the activity manually yourself. With us, it’s fully automatic, saving you a ton of time and nerves.

  • How Do You Verify The Address Itself Is Correct?

    All properties have a GEOCode, and our system uses multiple search methods to identify the exact location of the subject property:

    • Using the Street Number and Address
    • Using the Parcel Number
    • Or Manually locating and pinpointing the Property on the Map, if the above details aren’t known
  • What If The Neighbor Is A Renter?

    Renters are not the property owners of the property, and the system only utilizes the owner data and their mailing address.
    Therefore, even if the owner of the rental property next door were in another state, they would still be on your list.

  • Is There A Check To Ensure That You Are Sending The Letter To The Owner If They Live Close To The Property?

    To ensure we don’t mail to the current owners of the property, we are removing any records with the same mailing address, and the same owner names as that of the property you have for sale.

  • Can I Just Buy The Data From You And Do My Mailing?

    There is an option just to buy the data. However, the system completes the entire process for you within 60 seconds, so if you’re happy to do the hard grind and spend hours and days preparing the letters, then that is your choice.

  • Can I Keep The Data?

    The data is yours, and we recommend you load it into your CRM, so you have a reference for all incoming calls about your property or properties for sale.

  • Can You Store The Data For Me Within My Account So I Can Access It From Anywhere?

    We certainly can; the data is available for you to download in your profile whenever you need it. (Better still; a feature coming soon will allow you to sync the information directly to your CRM.)

  • Can I Resell The Data?

    You are only leasing the data for a one time use for each campaign. For multiple campaigns, we recommend utilizing Buyer Finder each time. Ensure you have the most recent data. Otherwise, you are at risk of using an old mailing address and change of owners, which results in wasted mailing costs.

  • Can I Customize The Letters, Flyers, And Envelopes?

    The standard templates cover everything your potential buyers want to see on a 2-page letter and flyer, including your contact details, buying options, terms, property details, maps, and location.

    The current Full-Colour letters, flyers, and envelopes are designed to get noticed in the mail, so they don’t look like a bill or bulk mail and encourage the recipient to open them.

    In the immediate future, you will have the option to include your templates and branding.
  • How Many Letters Can I Send?

    As many Neighbors or Cash Buyers available in your neighborhood; includes all properties within a 3-mile radius.

  • Are Pricing Discounts Available? If So, Can You Have A Pricing Page?

    All pricing is tiered, on-demand, and based on quantity. Discounts of 5% to 25% are applied to each tier, depending on the volume and viewable after your property search.

  • Will The Letter Be Customized To Each Neighbor?

    The letter can be customized with typical personalized content; the flyer includes a map view of the property and the surrounding streets. The neighbors should be familiar with the property location.

  • Is There A Discount If I Provide The Data And Only Use Your Mailing Services?

    Unfortunately, our system doesn’t allow foreign data to be loaded. We have a strict Quality Data Policy. Our rigorous Extract Transform and Load (ETL) data program involves more than 20 steps to Validate, Standardize And Enhance the Real Estate data we collect and includes:

    • Property Address Standardization
    • Owner Name Parsing
    • National Change Of Address Validation
    • Resulting in Improved Mail Delivery
  • Can I Mail In Increments? If Yes, Can You Keep?

    At this stage, the system can only send one campaign at a time, which is most common for sending out neighbor letters as you usually want to get as many people interested as possible. If enough customers request this staged mailing feature in the future, we can include in our future product release.

  • Is Tracking Available To Notify When The Letters Are Mailed And Delivered?

    At this stage, this feature is not available. We will look out how we can include this option in our future product release.

  • What Options In Mailing Do I Have? Anything Else Than Postcards And Letters?

    Each offer includes a cover letter and a full-color property flyer. Other options will be available during future product feature releases.

  • Is There A Unique Identifier For Each Set Of Letters?

    Part of the personalization is that you will be able to add a unique identifier to each campaign that can align with your deal numbers or names you use in your system.

  • Can I Maintain A Data Base Of All The Neighbors And Tag Them With The Property I Have Sent A Letter For?

    The data can be exported and loaded into your CRM of choice, and you can manage these records and campaigns; however, you see fit.

  • How Long Does It Take For Mail To Deliver To Its Destination? What Class Mail Is Used, And What Is The Estimated Delivery Time?

    The system utilizes USPS Priority Mail Postage, and standard delivery times can be 3 to 14 days, depending on the load and USPS mailing schedule from the time you placed the order.

  • Do Your Prices Change If The Price Of Stamps Changes?

    All pricing is subject to change and is dependent on the United States Postal Service and can change without notice.

  • What Do Your Envelopes Look Like? Can I Use My Envelope Template?

    See the preview below. Our standard full colour envelope is designed to get noticed in the mail, making sure it doesn’t look like a bill or bulk mail and encourage the recipient to open them. In the near future, you can customize the envelope as you wish.

  • What If I Wish To Remove Recipients From The List Or Check Them Before They Are Sent?

    For the first release of Neighbor Letter, you can only choose the volume to send the Letter and Flyers too. If there is enough demand we will add this request to a future product release.

  • What If I Want Overnight Delivery And I'm Willing To Pay For It?

    For the first release of this product, we are only utilizing USPS Priority Mail. But future releases will consider changing mail send classes.

  • What If I Want Each Offer To Be Customized Or Different And Altered Manually?

    Neighbor Letters is designed to reduce time spent on this administrative task and break the dependency on multiple touch activities that delays your property from being presented to potential buyers:

    You can customize the details in line with the most common scenarios:

    • The information which Neighbor would be interested in
    • The information which Cash Buyer would be interested in
    • Buying Option Types
    • Seller Finance Deal Details
    • Cash Only Deal Details

    If there are properties you want to market individually to individuals, we recommend completing the process manually. However, our common scenarios would eliminate the need to do this if you value your time.

  • Can I See A Copy Of The Template Letter Used? Can I Use My Template Letter?

    See the preview below. We have the best-performing Neighbor Cash Only and Seller Finance Letter templates that we highly recommend to use (because they already worked and were successful for hundreds of sellers), In the near future, you can customize the letters as you wish.

  • What If There Aren't Any Cash Buyers In My Area?

    If there are no cash buyers in your area, you would only send letters to your Neighbors.

    This would also be a good indicator of the popularity of the area and the market you are in. You may not want to deal with other properties in this area, as the demand may be low, and your property may take longer to sell.
  • Can I See A Copy Of The Template Letter Used? Am I Able To Use My Template Letter?

    See the preview below. We have the best-performing Cash Buyer Letters template that we highly recommend to use (because they already worked and were successful for hundreds of sellers), In the near future, you can customize the letter as you wish.